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Philadelphia Pennsylvania: Philadelphia is one of the oldest and most historical cities in the United States. Philadelphia was the major center of the independence movement during the American Revolutionary War. The Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were drafted here and signed in the city’s Independence Hall. Along with Independence hall Philadelphia is also home to The Liberty Bell Center, the new home to the Liberty Bell. The reason why the Liberty Bell is such an important piece of American History is because on July 8, 1776, with the Liberty Bell ringing out from the tower of Independence Hall it summoning citizens to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence by Colonel John Nixon.

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Old City

Discover Old City’s historic sites, stay in a great Old City hotel, dine in a wide…

The Old City area of Philadelphia is like going back in time, narrow streets, old buildings. It is a great place for a walk, go visit some of the many small stores and galleries. The Old City also runs First Friday it is a popular event held only in the Old City. The first Friday of each month, rain or shine, this eclectic “open house” brings out the best in the Old City. Many Art Galleries & Shoppe’s have impromptu free wine tastings and snacks. The informal and friendly shop?&?gallery owners make viewing the new exhibitions a rare treat. You will work up an appetite walking the quaint streets going from store to store. There are also many restaurants in the Old City that are sure to suit your tastes. The City of Philadelphia suspends most on-street parking regulations during the First Friday hours in the Old City District (5:00 pm to 9:00 pm). Please visit our section: shopping and services, Old City, If you drop by a sponsor please tell them that you saw them on citimaps.com website. The U.S. Mint in Philadelphia is the nations oldest and is one of six mints located in the United States. Philadelphia makes circulating coins of all denominations; commemorative coins as authorized by Congress, and produces the dies for stamping coins and medals and is open for public tours (call ahead) Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. Pat Olivieri invented the “Philly Cheesesteak” here in 1930, go to Jim’s Cheesesteak on South Street for a great sandwich.

Philadelphia is a great walking city. Most major attractions are located within walking distance of each other.

Check out the Philadelphia restaurants, shops or historical attractions, located on this site. Our Philadelphia map page has a number of maps; Downtown Philadelphia, Old City Philadelphia, SEPTA city transit and an airport map to help provide an easy way to get around Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Facts:
The Nation’s fifth largest city. Population: Metropolitan Philadelphia 5,959,301, Sales Tax: City sales 7%, Liquor Laws – Legal drinking age is 21. Closing time for most bars is 2am, 7 days a week.
Tipping Customs:
Tips are appreciated by bell men, concierges and other service personel. The standard baggage handling tip is $1 per bag. It is customary to tip restaurant servers 15% of the bill.
Philadelphia City Pass
Six Famous Attractions, Museum of Art, Franklin Institute, Zoo, Academy of Natural Sciences Museum, Independence Seaport Museum, NJ State Aquarium at Camden. For prices and more information please call (888) 330-5008
For bus, streetcar and subway service.
Philly Phlash
Busses running in a loop. All day passes available
Foods of Philly
While you’re in town, be sure to try some of our delicious concoctions such as: the Philly Cheesesteak, the Hoagie, Cinnamon Buns (there is a discrepancy over whether these originated here) and Scrapple,a Pennsylvania Dutch creation of a pepperypork breakfast.

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Philadelphia Pennsylvania
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