Citimaps.com is map and travel information site. Citimaps.com is a popular destination for people who want great maps and information on the locations we serve. Citimaps.com is a print and web publisher of custom publications. We specialize in all types of design and printing for businesses. Some of the many areas we specialize in: creating custom directories, guides and maps for theĀ  tourist and business visitor market, menus, business cards, EDDM mailings and Custom websites.
In 2011 Our new sister company AppsInaSnap.com started creating Mobile Apps for Businesses and local areas. Visit the site for more information.

Online Guides and Maps

Some of the maps and guides we have created: Manhattan, Long Island (NY), Brooklyn (NY), Liberty State Park (NJ), Newport (RI) and Philadelphia. We have published products used for events such as The Goodwill Games, Millennium Tall Ship event OP-SAIL 2000, The US Golf Open 2002 (Bethpage), Nascar, Superbowl and Brooklyn Visitor Guide.

CitiMaps staff

CitiMaps continues to grow using cutting edge equipment, technology and personnel. Our staff is consistently trained in the current technology to keep the products we produce looking tailored and fresh. Our design staff is available to answer questions on print or web design or offer professional suggestions about your projects or site.

If you would like more information on a custom project or want to advertise in one of our current print projects please contact us.

Thank you,
Eric Miller