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The Official Cliff Walk Guide is part of the VISITNEWPORT App and is brought to you as a public service by the Cliff Walk Commission and the city of Newport

Welcome to Newport’s world famous Cliff Walk, a public access walk and trail along the majestic Atlantic Ocean shoreline.

The Trail runs North to South, beginning at Memorial Boulevard at the top of Easton’s Beach and ends at the exit at Bailey’s Beach. Allow for 2 or more hours to walk the entire 3.5 mile length.

Cliff Walk is one of New England’s most popular attractions – the only National Recreational Trail within a National Historic District in the United States.

The Walk not only offers magnificent views high over the water, but glimpses of many historic “Gilded Age” mansions with their lawns spilling majestically out to the Walk.

As you travel along the Walk, note the 16 trail markers, each of which features a QR code that your smart phone can scan for more information on that particular site. A tiny URL link can also be entered.

The first half of the Walk is paved and both handicap and stroller accessible. Please stay on the pavement and heed the warning signs.

The latter part of the Walk, south of the Breakers (The Vanderbilt Mansion), becomes progressively more challenging, as the Walk becomes a rocky Trail meandering along the shoreline. Sturdy shoes are recommended for this challenging portion of the Walk.

Note that you travel at your own risk. The Walk is a public right-of-way over private property so please be courteous, do not litter and leash your dog.


The Cliff Walk Commission

Friends of the Waterfront Website

Eastons BeachEaston’s Beach – Trail marker #1
Relax and play on the white sand ocean beach- surf the waves, ride the beautiful 1950′s carousel
More Info

the_chanler_calloutThe Chanler – Cliff Lawn – Trail marker #2
The house was built 1870-1873 by John Winthrop Chandler
More Info

Forty Steps callout 135pxForty Steps – Trail Marker #3
David Priestly Hall is said to have built the first steps in the 1830″s for…

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4 Cliff Walk Overlook callout 135x100The Overlook – Trail Marker #4
Time to pause and gaze out over “Easton’s Bay.” Just to …

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Ochre_Court_callout 135pxOchre Court – Trail Marker #5
Built in 1895 this summer home is approximately 60,000 square feet…..

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Vineland_callout 135pxVinland Estate – Trail Marker #6
Designed in 1882 by famed architects Peabody and Stearns for…..

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Breakers_callout 135pxThe Breakers – Trail Marker #7
Built in 1895 the largest and most grand of Newport’s summer “cottages” and a symbol…..

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Anglesea_callout 135pxAngelsea-Walter Lewis House – Trail Marker #8
Built in 1880 Angelsea, a seaside Victorian cottage was designed by…..

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Rosecliff – Trail Marker #9
This 1902 mansion has been the setting for many Hollywood movies…

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Beechwood_callout 135pxBeechwood – Trail Marker #10
This 1853 mansion was designed by Calvert Vaux (Central Park) and…

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Marble House – Trail Marker #11
Marble House was built between 1888 and 1892 for Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt. ………
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Teahouse_callout 135pxChinese Tea House – Trail Marker #12
Built in 1914 by Alva Vanderbilt and was used as a meeting place for…

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Rough Point_callout_135pxRough Point – Trail Marker #13
This 1887 mansion was built for Frederick W. Vanderbilt and…

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Lands_End_callout_135pxLands End – Trail Marker #14
This 1865 home got it’s name from the colonial name of the reef that it …

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The_Waves_callout_135pxThe Waves – Trail Marker #15
This 1930 cottage was designed by John Russell Pope he lived there until…

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Baileys Beach_callout_135pxBailey’s Beach – Trail Marker #16
The private beach was founded in the 1890’s after new trolley service gave…

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